About us


Chemult Bible Fellowship is a non-denominational Bible church that began in June, 2011 for the residents of Chemult, OR and the greater Chemult area.

Pastor Merwin Rhoades was a long-haul pill-poppin' and pill-sellin' truck driver when God got his attention and he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in March, 1985 through a trucking ministry. Two years later he left hauling freight and attended Bible College at Shasta Bible College And Graduate School in Redding, CA. Merwin became a chaplain for Transport For Christ, (which is the ministry he was saved through) on their 18-wheel mobile chapel going from truck stop to truck stop. Then in 1993 he became a chaplain on an 18-wheel mobile chapel for Association of Christian Truckers. In 1995 Merwin, and his wife Debbie started Steering Wheel Ministries which which is now a ministry of Chemult Bible Fellowship.

For four years before coming to Chemult, Pastor Merwin was the Assistant Pastor at Foundation Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Roseburg, OR.

Before Merwin and Debbie Rhoades moved to Chemult they would come here to Chemult in the summer and do the Jubilee for the locals, truckers and tourists next to Pilot with live music and free food and fell in love with Chemult. Then in January, 2011 they realized that it was not just them but God also wanted them to come here and open a non-denominational church.

Pastor Merwin has his ordination with United Evangelical Churches which is a non-denominational ministry that gives accountability to independent non-denominational churches and ministries. Chemult Bible Fellowship is also an affiliate member of United Evangelical Churches.

At Chemult Bible Fellowship we teach verse by verse through the Bible as that is the best way to learn what God's Word says in full context. By studying verse by verse we get a fuller understanding of why God says what He says.