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Chemult Bible Fellowship is a non-denominational Bible church that began in June, 2011 for the residents of Chemult, OR and the greater Chemult area.

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Chemult Bible Fellowship

is guiding people to repentance of sin at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ and by His shed blood. This is because Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven for Jesus Himself said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6. “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”  Acts 4:12


Chemult Bible Fellowship is here for you. We understand how life affects you and your family.


Chemult Bible Fellowship is located catty-corner to the north across from Pilot and directly across from Pacific Pride on Hwy 97 in Chemult, OR. Please take the time to stop by for our Sunday morning service at 10:30, Sunday evening service at 5:30 or Wednesday evening Bible Study at 6:30 and please feel free to stop by during the week too.

Pastor Merwin Rhoades was a long-haul pill-poppin' and pill-sellin' truck driver when God got his attention and he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in March, 1985 through a trucking ministry. Two years later he left hauling freight and attended Bible College at Shasta Bible College And Graduate School in Redding, CA. Merwin became a chaplain for Transport For Christ, (which is the ministry he was saved through) on their 18-wheel mobile chapel going from truck stop to truck stop. Then in 1993 he became a chaplain on an 18-wheel mobile chapel for Association of Christian Truckers. In 1995 Merwin, and his wife Debbie started Steering Wheel Ministries which which is now a ministry of Chemult Bible Fellowship.

For four years before coming to Chemult, Pastor Merwin was the Assistant Pastor at Foundation Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Roseburg, OR.

Before Merwin and Debbie Rhoades moved to Chemult they would come here to Chemult in the summer and do the Jubilee for the locals, truckers and tourists next to Pilot with live music and free food and fell in love with Chemult. Then in January, 2011 they realized that it was not just them but God also wanted them to come here and open a non-denominational church.

Pastor Merwin has his ordination with United Evangelical Churches which is a non-denominational ministry that gives accountability to independent non-denominational churches and ministries. Chemult Bible Fellowship is also an affiliate member of United Evangelical Churches.

At Chemult Bible Fellowship we teach verse by verse through the Bible as that is the best way to learn what God's Word says in full context. By studying verse by verse we get a fuller understanding of why God says what He says.

The Vision God gave at the start of Steering Wheel Ministries in 1995 was to start a church in an un-churched community for the community and it was to be a church where truckers are comfortable to come to. In January 2011 God made it clear where this church was to be, which meant a move to Chemult, OR where Chemult Bible Fellowship began June 12, 2011 right on Hwy 97 for the community, truckers, tourists and transients/homeless equally. Services are 10:30 Sunday morning, 5:30 Sunday evening and 6:30 Wednesday evening. We invite everyone to make Chemult Bible Fellowship your church home.


Chemult Bible Fellowship is a small mission church in a small mountain community, of maybe 200 people in a twelve mile stretch of Hwy 97, in the middle of nowhere in the heart of the Cascades.


Being such a small community, we are dependent on people outside of our community for financial support to keep us going.

Steering Wheel Ministries is an outreach of Chemult Bible Fellowship and is a ministry to truckers who are on the move and may be able to get to their home church only three or four times a year. This is where we come in by being here as a refuge for them to come to.

Afternoon Of Jubilee is an afternoon of live music and free food each summer. One of these are at the Flying J at the Rice Hill Exit 148 off I-5 in Oregon. The other is behind the library next to the Pilot in Chemult, Oregon on Hwy 97 between mile markers 203 and 204. We are working on having a stage set up so we can have Jubilees the second Saturday each month on the church property from June through September each year beginning June of 2021.

Love Is A Verb Ministries is also an outreach of Chemult Bible Fellowship and is a ministry to the homeless. God has given Chemult Bible Fellowship a ministry to the homeless in Klamath Falls. We started on Christmas Day 2020 and continue to go once a month and serve them spiritual food by way of a devotional followed by serving them physical food. We may be an extremely small and poor church but we are mighty by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Chemult Bible Fellowship is working hard to reach locals, truckers, tourists, transients/homeless alike for Jesus Christ by bringing them information that will establish, enrich, strengthen, and maintain their relationship with Jesus Christ.


We will have to wait until we get to Heaven to find out what the full impact of our efforts have been. All we know now is that each year we see people committing their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, receiving their first Bible, and being encouraged to keep going with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is what we know about right now—only God knows the rest of the story.

Chemult Bible Fellowship and it’s outreaches of, Steering Wheel Ministries, and Love Is A Verb Ministries are solely supported by donations given by those who want to have a part in "Steering People Onto The Path to Heaven.”

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