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What do Christmas colors, decorations and Santa really mean?

     I, the real St. Nicholas, lived in the country of Turkey back in the years of 270-343 A.D. A lot of legends have been added about me but here are the true facts. I was a Christian pastor who was persecuted and imprisoned for faithfully proclaiming the faith under the most dangerous of circumstances. I am someone who had a sensitive caring pastoral heart and took care of those who God put in my care. I am someone who provided support and defense for children, the weak and poor, the helpless and victims of injustice. I am someone who is very passionate about the absolute authority of Scripture which is the Word of God. So just think of me as someone whose whole purpose in life is to point people to Jesus.

I am always asked:

     SO, what do all these decorations, and me, Santa, have to do with Jesus and His birth? Well, that is a very good question and I will   answer that for you.

My suit, is red and white, my boots and belt are black.

BLACK represents sin:

RED represents the blood Jesus shed for our sins:

WHITE represents how Jesus’s shed blood purifies us from our sins.

The TREE is an EVERGREEN, Jesus/God is everlasting.

LIGHTS: Jesus is the Light of the world – John 8:12

GREEN: Jesus/God is everlasting

BLUE: Is for Jesus’s royalty

YELLOW: Stands for the gold He was given at His birth

RED: Again, the blood Jesus shed for our sins

WHITE: Jesus’ purity and how He makes us pure from our sins

     The WREATH: The wreath is a symbol of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at Calvary. The endless circle is God’s endless love for us, and eternal life obtained through Jesus alone.

     GIFTS: In some of the customs that God gave Israel they gave each other gifts when they were celebrating. Another reason we give gifts is because God gave us a gift, the gift of life by giving us Jesus. So, gift giving is a picture of God giving us His gift, Jesus Christ.

Now, where do I, Santa Claus, come in?

Santa is supposed to be all knowing. God is all knowing

Santa is supposed to know who is naughty and nice. God does.

Santa is supposed to know where you live and where you are all the time. God does.

     So, you see; I am ONLY a man who points you to Jesus, as all the decorations do at Christmas time. I am not God and I don’t want to be.       Another thing, I really am not all knowing but God is. Please, look to Jesus since He is the ONLY One Who knows everything. He is the only One Who knows where you are all the time and what you are doing all the time. He even knows what you are thinking all the time. So, this means that He is the only One Who knows when you are naughty and nice. But more than that, God looks to see who has received His gift, the gift of Jesus to pay the price for our sins. The question is, have you received God’s Gift? Receiving is more than just knowing that the gift was given, and it is at your disposal. Receiving is opening the package and putting it to use. With the gift of Jesus, receiving is saying, “Yes, Jesus, I receive you as my Lord and Savior because I realize that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. Please forgive me of my sins and come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. Thank You Jesus, amen,” then start living with Him every day by talking with Him every day and reading His Word, the Bible and go to a good Bible teaching church every week.

Merry Christmas

From your friends at:

 Chemult Bible Fellowship

109541 Hwy 97

PO Box 135

Chemult, OR 97731

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